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Redevelopment News

Plans for the redevelopment of Wheaton are moving fast. As an organization whose focus is on making Wheaton more sustainable, GreenWheaton seeks to provide residents and business with information and to encourage REAL greening and vibrant public space as redevelopment proceeds.

Visit Wheaton MD Redevelopment

Maryland DOT – Wheaton CBD Redevlopment

New and Highlighted

County Resorts to ‘Creative’ Graphics to Green the Wheaton Redevelopment Project by by Danila Sheveiko

Proposed Design for Planning Dept. HQ in Wheaton Tests County’s Commitment to Environmental Site Design by Diane Cameron ANS (Audubon Naturalist Society) Conservation Director

General Information about Redevelopment from the County and Schedule

News Articles about Redevelopment

Wheaton Redevelopment to ‘Help Existing Businesses.’  (September 24th, 2013)

Developers unveil plan for property near Metro Station (September 22nd, 2013)

Seizing Wheaton’s Moment (February 17th, 2012)

Government Offices Could Boost Wheaton Redevelopment (March 15th, 2011)

2010 meeting with BF Saul and residents on development over the bus bays and Parking lot 13

Other News

Adapting Wheaton to Climate Change

Environmental Impact Certificate (Paper Shredding Event 10-24-12)
Green Wheaton Environmental Impact Certificate

Shopping at Wheaton’s Farmers’ Market

Walk, Ride a Bike, Go Mass Transit

Home Energy Audits

Wheaton Green Streets

Food Friends and Bio Fuel

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